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Getting Reestablished After Release

When a woman or a girl is being held in captivity by a trafficker. They encounter numerous traumatic experiences and they need proper support to help them to get readjusted to a normal style of living. Giving support through training, coaching and self-esteem building sessions helps to renew these women and girls hope and trust again. Without a good support system in place these women and girls often gets stuck in a depressive state of mind and therefore, the organization steps up through the various programs to offer guidance, support and coaching to ensure that they are able to not just survive but thrive in everything they desire to do.

Women and girls globally are depending you for your support. Do not be silent, act today and help the victims to recover the broken pieces of their life.

Every woman and girl in the hands of a trafficker is at serious risk when rescued they deserve to have a life filled with purpose.

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