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Surviving The Trafficking And The Abuse

The shackles of abuse, sex and human trafficking paralyzes the heart and cripples up hope. Victims of these horrendous crimes are sometimes betrayed by individuals who won their trust over only to bring pain to them. Betrayal creates a volcanic eruption of pain in the heart of the one that finds themselves in these awkward situations. The act of abuse of any kind affects everyone that is involved—it breaks hearts and cause the victims to become fearful, depress and angry. Why wouldn't the victims feel this way? They have all right to feel whatever they feel in their emotions. They need your support, your love, your care and your help to get back up. These women and girls do not need your judgment, criticism and gossip. Let Love Lead!

In order for the victims to rise back upon their feet and become successful, it takes people that are willing to work together with them so they can see and know they have true worth. The world needs these women and girls, their purpose is much bigger, much greater than the pain that they have experienced from these cruel #traffickers. These women and girls are no longer victims but they are victors, more than conquerors who deserves to live a life that is fulfilling, joyous and blissful.

What the enemy meant to destroy these women and girls could not kill them because they are meant to be on the earth for such a time as this. Their stars are brightly shining, the weapon that was formed against them could not take them out because God's plan for their lives is far bigger. The life God has in store for you intimidates the enemy and for that reason the enemy tried to eliminate you before you could manifest but God rescued you to restore you, establish you and settle you on a solid ground. What you have been through is a test that gave you a testimony for the glory of God and for that reason God is doing a new thing in your life and the enemy will not be able to stop you, block you or deny you. From now on wards you will walk in the glory of God.

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