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Meet Our Founder

Stacy Y. Whyte, MBA, CPC, MIN
Executive Director

Stacy Y. Whyte is the founder of Healing Scars; a nonprofit organization that helps women and girls to unlock the pain and trauma of sexual assault and human trafficking and find purpose and peace. Stacy is compassionate in nature, leads with grace and intentionally pursues her passion of bring awareness to individuals, institutions, churches, and schools. Reviving hope and renewing minds is a personal attribute that sets her apart. 

More About Stacy...

Stacy is an International Speaker and bestselling author that has helped many to discover their purpose and experience God’s restoration.  Through Healing Scars Organization, she reaches women and girls on a global scale with diverse backgrounds that has survived sexual assault and human trafficking. Her unconditional love for others combined with her attitude for excellence allows her to share with transparency about her own experiences with others.

As a survivor of kidnapping and sexual assault, Stacy recognized how to unwrap her pain and transition into a place with a meaningful commission of helping others while living with love, peace, grace, and forgiveness. Stacy has been featured in magazines and made guest appearance on multiple TV programs which includes Trinity Broadcasting Network.  


Stacy has a Masters Degree in Business, a Certified Professional Coach and an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Knowing firsthand what it feels like to be violated, Stacy’s life mission is to bring healing to the hidden scars of the survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking through empowerment, workshops and transitional programs. 

Meet Our Team

Cherry Tree

I endured  it, got through it and I'm living above it — my life's passion is to help women and girls to break free from the shackles of pain and live a life of purpose. ~ Stacy Y. Whyte

Healing Scars

Healing Scars is a registered 501C3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to bringing awareness and empowerment to women and girls through services that renews mind, heal hearts, and restore hope to survivors of human trafficking and sexual assault.

EIN: 88-2087249


Phone: 321.587.1256

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